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’žDaily consumption expenditure, per capita excluding

elothing, is Rs. 4 26 whereas the family income is only Rs. 4 23.

Obviously, the Gadabas find it difficult to make both ends meet,

In this precarious situation how can they can fiad

to pay for clothing and medical treatment ?   They have, of course,

no money to spend   on   books   or  education   or toys for   little


They use, for the sake of economy, cooking oi! as

hair oil.

Both mea        women like liquor                        How

they speed money upon these merry items

minimum needs !

The abject poverty of the Gadabas is part of

of life.

I©.    Fornityre and Equipment;

The Gadaba households are ill furnished and ill-equipped :

they have no tables, chairs or benches. There are 56            cots

in all.

One household lias a wall clock. The Attendee in the

Government Department of Agriculture and the Helper ia the

Municipal Water Works possess radio sets. The Hjziisgiiatd has a

tape-recorder. All these three persons have wrist watches.

There are, for the whole village, only three bicycles.

Women are crazy to OWE ornaments. But no one has

gold ornaments, not even Mangala Sutra. Silver chains^ ringSj

and silver ornaments for the feet are warn by only four women,

Many women use cheap rolled gold or plastic fiiger nigs.   Chsap

chains of glass bsads adorn ihs necks of almost all women.   They

do not use cosmetics.   Educated  girls  of two   families   use face

powder on special occasions.